Idelaboratoriet In the most recent edition of its "Serious Innovation" newsletter, Swedish innovation consultancy Idélaboratoriet highlighted the innovation habits of leading-edge Swedish innovators. According to a study prepared by the Royal Institute of Technology and Cap Gemini, the top ten Swedish innovators - including IKEA and Ericsson - continuously conducted benchmarking studies concerning innovation, developed relevant innovation metrics for their industries and experimented with idea management software.

Idelaboratoriet_2 That being said, the study also pointed out that innovation remains a very "fuzzy" concept, even for the leading Swedish innovators. Senior managers tend to disagree about the overall innovation strategy of their organizations; lack a methodology or systematic approach towards innovation; and find the overall process of innovation difficult to manage.

The full report on Swedish innovation is available here.

UPDATE: Please see the comments below. The study produced by the Royal Institute of Technology and Cap Gemini was based largely on a master's thesis prepared by Claudia Suraga and Ulrika Schleimann-Jensen and supervised by Alf Rehn.

[images: Idélaboratoriet]