Chicago_powerpointThe University of Chicago has already produced some of the world's greatest free market economists and Nobel Prize-winning finance theorists. Now, it looks like the University of Chicago is intent on producing the world's greatest PowerPoint experts. As the USA Today points out, the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business (GSB) is altering the application process for incoming B-school students, requiring them to submit four top-notch PowerPoint slides:

"At one of the world's top business schools, such slide shows are now an entrance requirement. In a first, the University of Chicago will begin requiring prospective students to submit four pages of PowerPoint-like slides with their applications this fall.

The new requirement is partly an acknowledgment that Microsoft's PowerPoint, along with similar but lesser-known programs, have become a ubiquitous tool in the business world. But Chicago says so-called "slideware," if used correctly, also can let students show off a creative side that might not reveal itself in test scores, recommendations and even essays.

By adding PowerPoint to its application, Chicago thinks it might attract more students who have the kind of cleverness that can really pay off in business, and fewer of the technocrat types who sometimes give the program a bad name."

Anyway, whatever you do, please don't tell Edward Tufte about this little development. Methinks Mr. Tufte wouldn't be too pleased.

[image: University of Chicago]