Ideo_project_room Over at Design Sojourn, there's a great list of 7 ways to unlock your inner creativity. Many of the ideas have been adapted from or inspired by IDEO, one of the most innovative industrial design firms in the world:

(1) Set up a dedicated workspace;

(2) Know your "peak period" of creativity flow;

(3) Have a creative community by your side;

(4) Master the art of story-telling;

(5) Read as much as you can about new ideas and new technologies;

(6)  Work in other media to work your creative brain cells;

(7) Document your ideas in a notebook or with post-it notes.

Of course, nobody is expected to master all seven of these creativity techniques: "You don’t need all of them to work at once, you just need to identify some of the ways that bests fits your comfort level and try it."

[image: Brainstorming at IDEO]