Upcoming Carnivals for May 2006

• The 29th Philosophers' Carnival will be hosted at Daylight Atheism on May 1, this coming Monday. It's not too late to submit a post - check the carnival home page for the nomination form, or simply e-mail me. Nominations will be accepted through Sunday night.

• And soon afterward, on May 10, the 12th Carnival of the Liberals will arrive as well. Unlike most other carnivals, the Carnival of the Liberals is more selective, only accepting about ten posts per edition. All high-quality liberal writing will be considered, but I'm especially interested in submissions addressing the following topics, and will look upon them with special favor:

  • Separation of church and state and efforts to violate it

  • Religion in politics, both the evils of the religious right and efforts by the religious left to make their voices heard

  • The effort to unify liberal single-issue groups into a progressive majority

So, I encourage philosophers and liberals alike to get busy writing and submitting. I hope to see you here!

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