March Site Announcements

Daylight Atheism is now officially entering its second month of operation, and so far I couldn't be happier with the way things have been going. In my first post, I wrote that I planned to update this site twice per week to begin with. You can all see for yourselves how that worked out - I've been posting nearly every day, and if anything, my backlog of finished posts has only grown. The religious right's shenanigans provide ample fodder for post material, but fear not; all shall fall beneath my skeptical eye in due time. In the meantime, here are some other announcements:

• In addition to hosting the Carnival of the Godless on July 9, Daylight Atheism will also be playing host to the Carnival of the Liberals on May 10 and the Skeptics' Circle on August 3. If you have a blog of your own or know of a post that you particularly like, it's never too early to contribute.

• The monthly archive pages have been reformatted and now display just post titles and brief excerpts, which should make it easier to find a specific post. Feedback on the change is welcome. For now, category archives still show full post bodies, and the old-style paged archives are accessible through the "Older Posts" link at the bottom of the page.

• In response to a reader suggestion, live comment previews are now available. Simply enter your comment as normal and a preview will appear in real time underneath the text box.

• I've tweaked the site CSS to compensate for two Internet Explorer bugs: post text being cut off on the left side of the screen and the site title and subtitle disappearing. Both these problems should now be fixed. In any case, I still strongly recommend either Firefox or Opera over IE, both of which are more secure and feature-rich. Download links can be found on the sidebar on the right side of this page.

• Readers of my other site, Ebon Musings, will probably be aware that I recently uploaded a major revision to the Evolution Pages section, bringing the HTML up to date and completely rewriting many older articles. This finally completes the revisions to Ebon Musings which have been in progress for the past several years, and clears the way for me to begin writing some new articles which have been on my to-do list for ages. Look for the first one, which will be about the process of becoming an atheist, in the next month.

Finally, I'd like to extend my profound gratitude to all my readers and especially my commenters. I wouldn't have the inspiration without you! Much more is on the way, so stay tuned...

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