March Announcements Redux

• Daylight Atheism will be hosting the Philosophers' Carnival on April 24, in one month. Send in your best philosophy blogging now!

• This blog has been attacked by those most vile of creatures, comment spammers. Thankfully, the built-in spam filters seem to have kept them out so far, but if any spam comments do make it through, don't hesitate to inform me so that they can be swiftly deleted. (I suppose I should consider it a good sign that my blog is sufficiently prominent to attract their attention?)

• My most sincere gratitude is due to Pharyngula and Metafilter for linking to two posts of mine, contributing to a spike in traffic over the past several days. If you came across my site through one of those links, welcome! I hope you choose to stay around; I'll do my best to make it worth your while to do so. (As always, links to this site are gratefully acknowledged, though the management regrets to inform all concerned that we can offer no divine blessings in exchange.)

• The posting schedule for the next several weeks is already planned out. There are several more stand-alone posts to put up, and then, starting around the end of this month, Daylight Atheism will inaugurate a new feature that I've had planned from the beginning: series of posts that address topics too lengthy to condense into one entry. The first of these series, which will contain five parts in total, will present and defend an atheist's conception of free will.

• The previously mentioned update for Ebon Musings, now given the final title of "Into the Clear Air", is on schedule and should be completed by the end of the month.

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