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We live in a time of information abundance, which far too many of us see as information overload. With the sum total of human knowledge, past and present, at our fingertips, we’re faced with a crisis of attention: which ideas should we engage with, and why? Big Think is an evolving roadmap to the best thinking on the planet — the ideas that can help you think flexibly and act decisively in a multivariate world.

A word about Big Ideas and Themes — The architecture of Big Think

Big ideas are lenses for envisioning the future. Every article and video on bigthink.com and on our learning platforms is based on an emerging “big idea” that is significant, widely relevant, and actionable. We’re sifting the noise for the questions and insights that have the power to change all of our lives, for decades to come. For example, reverse-engineering is a big idea in that the concept is increasingly useful across multiple disciplines, from education to nanotechnology.

Themes are the seven broad umbrellas under which we organize the hundreds of big ideas that populate Big Think. They include New World Order, Earth and Beyond, 21st Century Living, Going Mental, Extreme Biology, Power and Influence, and Inventing the Future.

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What's New at Big Think

What Is Love?

over 4 years ago

Oscar Wilde once declared that “the mystery of love is greater than the mystery of death.” Well, this might be true, but it’s not stopping us from attempting to get to the bottom of this eternal riddle once and for all in our Valentine’s Day series, “What Is Love?” To commemorate the holiday we’re ...

Novel Copy

"Dear God What Twaddle"

over 4 years ago

Not being a subject of Her Majesty The Queen, it is difficult for me to imagine the British Broadcasting System: a public media network of radio, TV, internet, podcast, iPhone app, etc., which is funded by a TV tax and oft-criticized for being a mind-numbing bureaucracy that pushes its limits ...


Celebrate Life, Celebrate Debate

over 4 years ago

Super Bowl ads, as a rule, invoke broad stereotypes in the name of cheap laughs. The men are mostly hen-pecked idiots, and the women, shrewish, air-headed skanks. Pam and Tim Tebow's controversial ad was tasteful and affecting in comparison with the corporate schlock around it. If anything, the ad ...

Brave Green World

Pombo Joins 2010 Dirty Dozen

over 4 years ago

Every election year, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) elects to their “Dirty Dozen” list twelve members of Congress who “consistently vote against the environment and are up for re-election in races where LCV has a serious chance to affect the outcome.” On Monday, LCV announced that they ...

As I Please

A Very English Revolution

over 4 years ago

There is an irony, although it is hardly surprising, that a very English Revolutionary and devout Parliamentarian, John Hampden, and the family name of "Hampden," is better remembered in the Americas than in his own country. There are towns bearing the name of Hampden in Maryland, Connecticut ...

Daylight Atheism


over 4 years ago

You may have heard that, after an exasperating series of setbacks and delays, the massive particle accelerator called the Large Hadron Collider is finally up and running. Even in preliminary tests, it's set records for the most powerful particle collisions ever recorded in a lab - and when it's ...


Deeper Underground

over 4 years ago

The Independent’s Robert Fisk meets Palestine’s defiant tunnellers, who scramble through an underground maze connecting Egypt, Israel, and Gaza, smuggling all manner of goods. “They are the real resistance. They are the lung through which Gaza breathes. True, missiles must pass along their ...


Intelligence Risk

over 4 years ago

A low IQ is among the top heart-related health risks, coming second only to smoking, as a means of measuring propensity for heart disease scientists have warned, suggesting that public health campaigns need to target those with low intelligence in order to make a difference. “Research by Britain's ...


New York-On-Avon

over 4 years ago

British theatrical troupe the Royal Shakespeare Company is planning to build a replica of its Stratford-On-Avon theatre in New York and will run a series of five plays there next summer. “The RSC will perform in a 930-seat thrust-stage auditorium that will be installed at New York's Park Avenue ...


Sticky Heights

over 4 years ago

Terrified tourists were left suspended 1,600 feet above the ground in the world’s tallest building, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, when its elevator broke. “A group of 15 passengers were stuck for 45 minutes after it suddenly stopped just below the 124th floor observation deck seconds after departing. Back ...


No “Indigenous Law”

over 4 years ago

Zimbabwe’s prime minister has rejected government legislation requiring all business operating out of the country to be 51 percent owned by blacks. “Morgan Tsvangirai, who sits in a power-sharing government, said on Wednesday that the law would not be implemented as it had not been approved by his ...


Avalanche Tragedy

over 4 years ago

Bad weather caused 17 snow avalanches in the Afghanistan Hindu Kush mountain range, burying hundreds of cars on a mountain highway and leaving dozens dead. “Calculations of the death toll ranged widely, but official accounts said that at least 64 people were either known or feared dead and that the ...