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We live in a time of information abundance, which far too many of us see as information overload. With the sum total of human knowledge, past and present, at our fingertips, we’re faced with a crisis of attention: which ideas should we engage with, and why? Big Think is an evolving roadmap to the best thinking on the planet — the ideas that can help you think flexibly and act decisively in a multivariate world.

A word about Big Ideas and Themes — The architecture of Big Think

Big ideas are lenses for envisioning the future. Every article and video on bigthink.com and on our learning platforms is based on an emerging “big idea” that is significant, widely relevant, and actionable. We’re sifting the noise for the questions and insights that have the power to change all of our lives, for decades to come. For example, reverse-engineering is a big idea in that the concept is increasingly useful across multiple disciplines, from education to nanotechnology.

Themes are the seven broad umbrellas under which we organize the hundreds of big ideas that populate Big Think. They include New World Order, Earth and Beyond, 21st Century Living, Going Mental, Extreme Biology, Power and Influence, and Inventing the Future.

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Hybrid Reality Posts

The co-evolution of humans and technology

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Hybrid Reality

The Evolution of Technology

over 4 years ago

Every baby born today in the Western world has a life expectancy of about 100 years, which means it will be alive in 2110. It’s nearly impossible to forecast in detail life in 2110. However, what we can venture to guess based on current trends is that humans will still populate the planet, as will ...

Hybrid Reality

Career Angst? Go Back to Kindergarten

over 4 years ago

The financial crisis threw a lot of us into a funk: either we lost our jobs or questioned what we were doing with our lives in the first place. Some literally packed their bags and went on 6 month trips around the world. If you can’t do the global adventure trip, but would love to ‘reset’ your thinking and career, start by living the kindergarten life!

Hybrid Reality

Extreme Introspection

over 4 years ago

We’ve always had a strange fascination with watching ourselves. Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray famously agonized over the reflection of a hedonist life on his portrait, which aged and suffered at each step. Many of us also yearn for a portrait like that, one which obsessively and mercilessly documents our changing biology – physical, mental, and emotional. Thanks to a plethora of new gadgets and websites, you can now succumb to your desire for extreme introspection, recording everything from how long you slept, to your mood at any given moment, to even the last time you “got busy”.

Hybrid Reality

Serious Games: Oxymoron or the Key to Citizen Engagement?

over 4 years ago

How many times have you felt guilty when someone talks about the grand crises in the world: water, energy, food, poverty? You assiduously recycle your bottles, cans and paper, but have a nagging feeling you should be doing something more. Don’t beat yourself up. It’s hard to help when you don’t understand the exact nature of the problem. Now there’s a way: games. Or to be more accurate, serious games. Yes, it sounds like an oxymoron but serious games are becoming the most popular tool to engage citizens to collaborate and solve world challenges.

Hybrid Reality

Apple Takes a Page From "Brave New World"

over 4 years ago

Why don’t people notice that Apple has no qualms pressuring the police to barge into the homes of journalists? Or that we are now automatically signed on with our Facebook ID on 50,000 websites, all of which have added this functionality just in the last week? No, we are too busy standing in line for hours to buy the iPad or checking if our Facebook friends like Lady Gaga as much as we do to take stock of what’s really happening behind the curtains.

Hybrid Reality

The Power of Porn

over 4 years ago

Do you frequent porn sites? If you do, you’ll be pleased to know that you are a customer of one of the most tech-savvy industries in the world. It’s a well-known secret that porn is the Apple of adult content, always thinking of innovative ways to provide the most intimate and real-time pleasurable ...

Hybrid Reality

Twittering for Posterity

over 4 years ago

Since time immemorial people have considered two ways to be immortal: through one’s progeny or by displaying spectacular achievement in the sciences, arts or politics. Now there’s another way: Tweeting. Congress just announced that it has reached an agreement with Twitter’s founders to archive the ...

Hybrid Reality

Fashion Forward - Smart Clothes

over 4 years ago

When we think of the Internet of Things, we tend to think of our microwave talking to our mobile phone or our car chatting with our home air conditioning system.  Seldom do we think of ourselves as nodes in this highly networked environment. If we do consider ourselves literally plugged into the ...

Hybrid Reality

“You Lookin’ At Me?”

over 4 years ago

We all suspect we’re being watched. Sometimes it’s obvious like when you see CCTV cameras peering at you from every street corner in London (London is perhaps one of the most heavily monitored cities in the world). We tend to be forgiving of governments that intrude in our lives in the name of ...