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We live in a time of information abundance, which far too many of us see as information overload. With the sum total of human knowledge, past and present, at our fingertips, we’re faced with a crisis of attention: which ideas should we engage with, and why? Big Think is an evolving roadmap to the best thinking on the planet — the ideas that can help you think flexibly and act decisively in a multivariate world.

A word about Big Ideas and Themes — The architecture of Big Think

Big ideas are lenses for envisioning the future. Every article and video on bigthink.com and on our learning platforms is based on an emerging “big idea” that is significant, widely relevant, and actionable. We’re sifting the noise for the questions and insights that have the power to change all of our lives, for decades to come. For example, reverse-engineering is a big idea in that the concept is increasingly useful across multiple disciplines, from education to nanotechnology.

Themes are the seven broad umbrellas under which we organize the hundreds of big ideas that populate Big Think. They include New World Order, Earth and Beyond, 21st Century Living, Going Mental, Extreme Biology, Power and Influence, and Inventing the Future.

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Experts' Corner Posts

Guest posts from thought leaders

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Experts' Corner

Why Being Selfless is Good for Business

10 months ago

The current worldwide economic crisis is often blamed on the greed, selfishness, and unethical excesses of unbridled free-market capitalism. To a large extent, I agree with this analysis, even though as a businessman and entrepreneur, I love our free-market system. Most of us assume, however, that ...

Experts' Corner

The Power of Trust

10 months ago

Sooner or later every executive realizes that 99 percent of the people she depends on for success don't report to her. The success of every CEO depends far more on vendors, stockholders, board members, regulators, politicians, strategic partners, the financial community, the media, and customers ...

Experts' Corner

Understanding Data - Context

10 months ago

Look up at the night sky, and the stars look like dots on a flat surface. The lack of visual depth makes the translation from sky to paper fairly straightforward, which makes it easier to imagine constellations. Just connect the dots. However, although you perceive stars to be the same distance ...

Experts' Corner

Don't Politicize the IRS, End it

10 months ago

This post originally appeared in The Daily Caller. You can read the original here. According to Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Danny Werfel, the agency’s internal investigation of recent scandals has, “not found evidence of intentional wrongdoing by IRS personnel, or involvement in ...

Experts' Corner

Too Fat to Fornicate?

10 months ago

This post original appeared in the Newton blog on RealClearScience. You can read the original here. Obesity rates are rapidly rising in the United States, so that also means larger pant sizes, wider seats, and more and more overweight people having sex. There's a scene in the 1999 comedy,  ...

Experts' Corner

A Woman's Worth

10 months ago

by Suzanne Ehlers, for Population Action International A walk to her local clinic may take several hours. She may have to wait in line. She may have to go back several times before she can get the method she needs. She may even get pushback from others in her family, in her neighborhood. But she ...

Experts' Corner

5 Consequences When CEOs Play Superman

10 months ago

CEOs traditionally consider themselves to be larger-than-life figures: the superheroes of the C-suite. And with tomorrow’s release of Man of Steel, the latest movie to extol the legendary triumphs of Superman, this is a moment to examine how many chief executives misinterpret and mishandle what ...

Experts' Corner

Pardon Edward Snowden

10 months ago

This article originally appeared in The Daily Caller. You can read the original here I do not come to praise Edward Snowden, but to pardon him — or at least, to suggest that President Barack Obama do so, if and when he is charged. Even if Snowden has committed crimes, he has done his country ...

Experts' Corner

Is America Free?

10 months ago

  “I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free.” –Lee Greenwood   Notwithstanding the earnest patriotism of Lee Greenwood’s anthem, “God Bless the USA,” something about that particular lyric has always rankled.  There’s a passive-aggressive prickliness to that “at least” in ...

Experts' Corner

Can Somebody Get This Kid An E-Reader?

10 months ago

The ideas that change the world are often those that, in retrospect, are the most obvious. Upon understanding the central tenet of Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection, Thomas Huxley famously responded, “How extremely stupid for me not to have thought of that!” International children’s ...

Experts' Corner

Fair Tax or Flat Tax?

11 months ago

American public discourse, particularly on the Internet, includes a reliable population that is perpetually honked off, offended, and eager to unleash the awesome power of ALL CAPS against any idea, no matter how commonsensical.     But for all the hullabaloo around the IRS of late, with ...