“Business is storytelling,” Jeffrey Wright, the actor and entrepreneur, tells Big Think in the latest installment of Edge.

Wright has starred in Broadway classics such as Angels in America and Topdog/Underdog. The Tony, Emmy, and Golden Globe-winning actor has played unforgettable roles in box office hits like Casino Royale and The Hunger Games, and is a standout in the renowned ensemble cast of HBO’s critically-acclaimed Boardwalk Empire. So he knows a thing or two about the transformative power of storytelling.

“You have to instill a sense of faith, really, in those things unknown, that the vision will be realized,” he says. “Suspension of disbelief is critical to pressing forward and realizing a new reality whether it be in the theater or whether it be in business.”

In this exclusive workshop for Big Think Edge, Wright explains how to leverage the magic of storytelling. A valuable case study he provides focuses on his philanthropy work in Sierra Leone. If you want to learn how to motivate others and inspire change, subscribe to a free 14-day trial to Edge to learn strategies from Wright and other leading experts.