8 out of 10 people report feelings of anxiety as the weekend winds down. They might have trouble sleeping as they start to mentally map out the coming work week. Moreover, nearly half of the respondents in a recent survey say this anxiety is "really bad."

This anxiety is not always caused by the dread of a boss or a pending deadline. Jeffrey Kahn, a clinical associate professor of psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College, told the Wall Street Journal that some of the most crippling anxiety can actually be caused by the expectation that things will actually go well. For instance, a promotion will lead to extra work and create envy from colleagues. 

So what's the best way to beat the Sunday-Monday blues?

The key thing is to ensure you start the week fresh. That means you need to truly disconnect during the weekend and enable yourself to relax. That could also mean getting to sleep earlier on Sunday night or getting up extra early Monday morning to avoid the stress of fighting traffic to get to work on time. 

Read more about the study here.

What's the Big Idea?

Workplace stress can have a disproportionate impact on women. 

Nancy CalderonChief Administrative Officer at KPMG America, believes that while work-life balance isn’t solely a women’s issue, women nonetheless tend to suffer particularly heavily from guilt over their split responsibilities. Even after 24 years with her company, Calderon still finds herself worrying what colleagues will think if she misses a morning meeting for a family obligation. 

That part – the guilt – is something she advises women to work on abandoning, as it’s harmful to their sense of self-worth and professional efficacy, and because it's something only they can control. 

But businesses also have a responsibility, Calderon says, to establish programs that clearly define the pathways to promotion and account for variations in people’s schedules and responsibilities. 

Businesses can go even further, she says, toward helping employees manage work/life balance, by delivering on the internet’s promise of the mobile workplace – facilitating online meetings and allowing people to work from home when they need to. 

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