1. The Subway Made Me Late and I Can Prove It!

The subway has made you late for work. Don't fret. In New York City you can get "the transit equivalent of a doctor’s note," and the MTA has issued 250,000 such notes since 2010. The so-called Subway Delay Verification note is sent to riders after they fill out a form saying which subway line they were taking at what time. Once the MTA has verified that this train was delayed, they will issue you a note to bring to your boss. Who knew?

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2. Hold, please (for 2 hours)

When it comes to airline delays, you can't blame the airline when a major ice storm disrupts your travel. However, you can blame the airline, as Mark Graban does, when hold times on customer service lines reach two hours. 

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3. Meet Mary Barra, the First Woman to Lead a Major Car Company

It's been a big week for General Motors. First, the Treasury Department announced that GM is no longer owned in any part by the federal government. Now the country's largest automaker has announced that Mary T. Barra, currently executive vice president of global product development, will succeed Dan Akerson and become the first female CEO of GM. 

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4. Barra is an Exception

According to a new study, women are hitting a wall when it comes to representation on corporate boards and executive positions. In 2013, Women held 16.9% of board seats at Fortune 500 this year, compared to 16.6% in 2012, according to a new study by Catalyst Inc.

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5. The Biggest Ideas of 2014

It's worth following this new LinkedIn series in which Cognizant Technology Solutions CEO Francisco D’Souza argues businesses have gotten too comfortable, and that will change in 2014. 

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