Recruiting top talent has never been more important. When facing a shaky economy, companies need strong leadership to execute well under pressure and not give in to the temptation of quick and easy fixes.

In the latest installment of Big Think Edge, executive search expert William Clemens, of the leading recruitment firm Spencer Stuart, gives you the set of strategies you need in order to identify the best candidates for your company. Clemens highlights the importance of culture, which can't be overlooked in executive recruitment.

“The culture of the team and how it comes together, and how they fit together on the broader context of the organization and its goals, is incredibly important,” he explains. “The data has shown recently that our executives that we place, if they fail – which very rarely they do of course – it's because of the fact that they didn’t fit in culturally.”

As Clemens points out, these executives have the skills and everything else needed in order to functionally do the job. What’s lacking? The culture simply wasn’t a good fit. To find out how to screen your job candidates for cultural compatibility and hire the best leaders for your company, sign up for a free 14 day trial to Big Think Edge to take exclusive workshops from Clemens and other experts.