You're working insane hours every week to prove your commitment to the job and meet your boss's demands. This is pure martyrdom, and what you are sacrificing is your personal growth. 

Ram Charan, a bestselling author and adviser to CEOs and Corporate Boards, points out in this post that the livelihood of the knowledge worker is based on his or her ability to drive and create change. Therefore, you need to make personal growth your top priority. Charan offers three ways to ensure you do. 

1. Take responsibility for your own growth.

Charan says the first step is to be honest with yourself about how much time you are spending on your personal growth. If you are not meeting what he considers the minimum - 10 percent of your time - then you need to find ways to free up time. Perhaps you can delegate more. 

2. Make your own luck.

Where are there opportunities in your current position? If you find these are limited, it is time to move to another organization. 

3. Seek bosses who will help you grow.

"The fastest growth comes from coaching by an attentive boss," Charan says. "As you consider what job to take, look beyond the entry on your resume. Consider how the boss might contribute to your personal growth."

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So what does this mean if you are in a leadership position? Are you the attentive boss that Charan describes above, one who effectively nurtures talent? If the answer is no, Charan says in the video below, you will lose key talent and also fail in your own position.

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