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What inspires most about Caitlyn Jenner's gender transformation is our collective desire to celebrate her decision. It demonstrates the politeness of our society — one that encourages the responsible exercise of personal freedom, even when the decision falls outside conventional boundaries of personal choice.

If some are feeling uneasy about our Jenner moment, perhaps it's the scale at which her sex change has been publicized — and sexualized. Jenner was literally married to the media machine that is the Kardashian family, whose entertaining and frivolous exhibitionism has undoubtedly complicated Jenner's quest to finally feel normal and "just blend into society."

The extent to which we find it difficult to identify with Jenner indicates the difficulty we might face in our personal lives to sympathize with the feelings of a transgendered person. The decision to alter one's physical gender is fraught with struggle, as Geena Rocero explains in her Big Think Edge interview. Rocero is the creator of the Gender Proud, a group that advocates for the right of transgender people to "self-identify with the fewest possible barriers."

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