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Human behavior in a post-rational world

  • Why People Love Paranoia-tainment

    The other night I was watching ABC's remake of "V" and wondering: What if the space-boot was on the other foot? What if we human beings were the "advanced" species, infiltrating a "primitive" people to advance our...

  • How Private Life is Strangling Public Life

    Here's a story about balancing work and family, as recounted recently by Teddy Kennedy: One day in 1961 John F. Kennedy was comforting his crying daughter at the family's Hyannis Port compound when an aide...

  • 'Mind Matters' Hits 100

    This is my 100th post on Mind Matters. Hence the cake in the pic, which was made for a wedding by Seattle's Jet City Cakes, using H.R. Giger's designs for the Alien movies (that party-planner's bonanza of...

  • Too Clear? Too Simple? You CAN Get Help!

    Writing for an academic journal? If your prose doesn't sound importantly recondite enough, you could just let this auto-pedant do it for you.