The next step in green living involves about 1,300 fewer kilowatt hours and 2,000 pounds less carbon per year. That's the energy required and pollution caused to run the common behemoth refrigerator that occupies half the kitchen.

Though they account for a mere 0.5% of the American population, the fridge-less see big payoffs in going without one. In addition to the cost and energy savings, the fridge-less find they can keep most food cool, if not cold, in their unplugged refrigerators full of bottles of frozen water. Many employ small freezers as well. Still, even the most serious eco-radicals dont' see the point in going fridge-less and suggest quitting meat as a more effective alternative. No Impact Man got rid of his fridge this year in an effort to go as low carbon as possible and is geting by just fine. Will any Big Thinkers follow his lead?