All of a sudden, the Associated Press says it's entitled to money and credit for the photo that became the ubiquitous icon of the Obama campaign, the "Hope" poster made by former street artist Shephard Fairey.'s Underwire blog reports that Fairey's lawyer is arguing the image is protected by fair use, but the AP says all of its images require permission. Fairey found the image on Google images.

The AP asserts that the photo was taken in April 2006 by Manny Garcia, who was on assignment for the wire service, at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. But why did it take so long for them to figure this out? I heard Shepherd Fairey interviewed in NPR on the day of Obama's inaugural and he was still surprised that he hadn't heard from the photographer and expressed appreciation. Is it possible that this is more about the dire state of print syndication and less about copyright law? Big Think wants to know your thoughts on the future of syndication and fair use. Email