I always admire the philosopher, Jimmy Huntington of Bigthink, when history comes, he knows it.  I guess he is the first in the world to guarantee 99.99%, we will have overhauled health care bill that may not contain the public option that Ted Kennedy wanted.


After I red Jimmy Huntington’s article “God bless Senator Edward Kennedy and Health Care bill, Bigthink Aug, 26, 2009.” I totally agree the heath care bill will be passed in Congress this year and we’ll 99.99% certainly have the Obama health care bill in 2009.


The reason is that the GOP has no card, no leader and no plan!


No card! It is because the Democrats control both chambers of Congress. They can pass any bill without GOP APPROVAL in 2009.


No leaders! As long as Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich and  Rush Limbaugh or occasionally the Viagra-fueled and "you –lie" Senator performed the duty of Leader of GOP. No ways they can block the health care bill and win the trust of common Americans.


No plan! Where is the GOP HEALTH CARE PLAN?  As far as I remember GOP just doing the comprising job on Obama health care plan. Yes! They may claim some credit, when Congress passes the bill.


President Obama makes history again! When history comes, he feels it.

He makes it-the Obama health care bill.


If the GOP play politics as usual, there will be 100% sure we’ll have the bill! (Don’t ask!)