A site I've stumbled across poses some very interesting questions about certain Xtian beliefs. Can anyone riddle me this.. What happened to the gold the wise men brought the baby Jesus? would this not have made his humble carpenter (earthly)dad a wealthy man and something of a celebrity in Nazareth? ps. Archeologists say at the time of Jesus' birth Nazareth was a one family farm not a city as reported in the bible, it wasn't even setteled as a town until after 70CE. When Jesus was taken to a cliff as a youth to be throw off for his mad statements as a 12 year old claiming to be the messiah, where was it? Nazareth was in a valley.... the nearest mountains are 4km away. He spent 30 years on a goat farm, with no record of a synagogue there at all in Jewish history? ... some 'city'. When Jesus uttered the words 'father, all things are possible with thee, take away this cup from me' etc which appears in 3 gospels, the bible reports that all around him were asleep. Who reported that he said those words so that they were written in the bible then? Why did the Romans allow Jesus to be taken down so soon? normally in the thousands of other cruxificions they carried out, the whole point was to let the criminals rot in public sight to keep law and order. Why make an exception for this troublemaker? the site is a useful one for real information and is called jesusneverexisted.com and it summarises beautifully many of the things I'd come across over the years... only wish I'd thought of it. answers please my Xtian friends.