Let's say for a number of reasons, laziness not being the key, I have a poor ability to reason.

With weak reasoning skills, I must utilize other tools to decipher between truth and illusion.

I relied on others, but found them to be wrong quite often. Even those that spoke with great conviction and passion about their cause.

It became difficult for me to even distinguish between reliable sources like school teachers, priests,  the government, or the media.

To reduce childish blind faith, I have used intuition, 'it feels right', to produce theories in life. But the only theories I could believe in were the ones I had experienced to be 'true'.

To reduce my reliance on intuition, I started observing commonalities between things. If I had experienced something to be true, I would ask myself if this new thing, could be compared to  the already established truth. Or if patterns repeated over and over, I considered this to contain some truth.

Now I understand, if I were to get better at the scientific method, that could help reduce the reliance on all the previously mentioned tools.

But in the end, the only thing that has truly ever interested me, was X's relation to humans. X being everything. And I guess more specifically, my relationship with X, which includes you.

So, what I am I trying to say? I am attempting to understand people unlike myself, by finding some commonality upon which to build a bridge to get over the gap. From faith to reason, and back again.

What would you call an ex-pantheist, non-atheist?

I can see God as everything, including nothingness, as easily as I can see there is no need to see anything through the concept of God. Either way it is still awesome.