Civilization has made great progress, especially over the last 300 years as life became less brutal and people's sense of empathy extended to global proportions. It is clear than some of us have more than we need in material goods and comforts, while many are still suffering from conditions that are barbaric and dangerous. Communism and Socialism, while well intended in most cases, have resulted in horrific acts due to our poor understanding of power and it's effects on our decision making, while materialism appears to have run it's course. Many great thinkers, Einstein, Rees and Vonnegut, spent the last of their lives disillusioned with our chances feeling that we are doomed to self destruction. For us optimists this is not acceptable and hope is the only path, the recent discovery that we are still evolving, over turning the mythical beliefs that we are "done" as proposed by religions. Can we change quickly enough to save the species or will we join the Neanderthals?