Jesus said ' I am the way and the light, the only way to the father is through me'.. this is a core belief by all Xtians I think it safe to say, and one of the few things they seemingly all agree upon. They revere him for conquering death, and proving via the miracles that he was who he said he is. Why do they refuse to take this statement as read? how is it open to interpretation? He clearly says that unless you accept him you are not able to get the heavenly reward and be with god. This is unambiguous. Of course the unpalatable corollary is that all Jews, Muslims, Bhuddists, Hindu's et al, are left to rot in hell for eternity...  the same fate reserved for mass murderers and despots. This is not oversimplifying the New T, it's uncomplicating it... there is no other message in the New T gospels that trumps this one.  Just as there is only one core message in the Old T, and that is the first commandment. All the rest is froth.... how is it not? God is the main game for believers and that is the core meesage to them.... believe in me or suffer the consequences! Again this is an offer made from a celestial bully, and reinforced by gentle Jesus... however distasteful to modern ears. Did he mean what he said?