I'd thought about this for a long time, and it bothered me for nearly as long.  First I thought of the physical things.  Well what if there were no space?  The only things that could exist would be non-physical.  Does that mean that existence would be made up of spirits/souls/essences and ideas? Must a spirit/soul/essence have some place to exist? ...(assuming that there is such a thing as a spirit/soul/essence)  That's where I got.  If a place is necessary, why?  If not, why is there any physical.

Assuming one believes in the spirit/soul/essence, why is there such a thing?  Why wasn't there ever just nothing?

Are ideas out there for us to find or do we "create" ideas.   I believe I can create things in the physical world, but not outside of them.  If ideas would be existant without the physical world, do I lend myself to fate?...

My belief is that with enough reflection, an idea will present itself, though not by any choice of my own.

So I gave up on the title question as it become quite disheartening, but I'd be interested to hear opinions of others as well as where they lead.