I find it ironic that the current gop and all of their devoted Christian followers are so committed to the idealism of democracy and yet so eager to submit themselves to the kingdom of God. Perhaps it is time for our idea of heaven to evolve as well? God is the ultimate dictator, after all, simply for the reason that his rule is eternal. I wonder how different our ideas of the afterlife would be if they had originated post bill of rights? The outdated version held in such high regard is only a mold of the epoch from which it derived and although we have become very detached from the actuality of antiquated monarchial rule, we still fail to see the disconnect in applying our reality to our religious fantasy. Would not God be held in higher regard if he were subject to the desires of his subjects? If God was truly omni-benevolent, then I'm sure he would continue to reign as the incumbent almighty, winning one celestial election after another. A true American heaven is one with checks and balances, people! One that can accommodate our patriotism as much as our precarious faith. How can we send people to die for a cause we hope to not have to bear post-mortem? How can Bush claim to aspire for the heavenly gates and yet have a steadfast devotion to eradicating all earthly microcosms of heavenly hierarchy? this is a metaphysical paradox! Is not the most sacred of places to be exemplified here on earth? Is not the prophesized perfection that is God's kingdom the embodiment of Government? The archetypal system of rule? If it is how God sees fit to do things, then how come we do it differently? is it perhaps because God's way is ineffectual in practice? Is heaven then...inept? I'm quite aware of all the extenuating circumstances that exclude God from being subject to the principles of freedom and equality, which govern our democratic lives, but if God allows for us to have free will on earth, specifically for the purpose of submitting our unconditional love and faith to him...then why cant we have the same power in heaven?