WHY Sen John McCain loses the 2008 Election It is not the time to endorsement, like New York Time to day, which endorses Sen Obama on the date of October 24, 2008. It is time to analysis why John McCain loses the 2008 election. Tow main courses contribute the defeat of John McCain:1.     John McCain is the POW of Bush, especially in economy! McCain’s line ”Economy fundamentally strong” or “Fundamentals of our economy are strong” will follow the rest of life of Sen McCain. Alan Greenspan: “I was wrong!” ,vindicates the dead wrong judgment of McCain.2.     John McCain is the POW of Karl Rove, negatives and negative ads. that weakens the base of John McCain and pushes away the independents! Sorry Sen McCain! Congratulation President Obama ! *This prediction only 99.9% guarantees it in normal situation to happen. If it is not happened I will quit to write in this blog forever!