This seems like a weird lacuna, given: • Sports and their huge cultural and metaphorical umbra • Video games (a more relevant art form at this moment than capital-A Art, I'd say) • The convergence of education and gaming (the biggest differences between a standardized test and a Nintendo Touch Generation game: volition and consequence) • The existence of ludic simulations that have deep philosophical implications (cf. Richard Dawkins on The Selfish Gene, Dan Dennett on Free Will, Stephen Wolfram on The Whole Kit and Kaboodle) • The existence of narratology vs. ludology issues that reflect fundamental political questions (Is this country fundamentally a unique Story, or a unique System? Or a unique combination of both?) • The two-party system, Electoral College, etc. as examples of "Broken Games". • The toy-ification of all user design, everywhere. So, where's the love? Where are the interviews with Craig Biggio and Alex Rigopulos to go along with Moby and Zac Posen?