Most discussions I've ever heard about "God" assume that he/she is the ultimate, the uncaused causer, the creator of everything in the universe, omnipotent and omniscient etc. Now maybe there is such an entity, or maybe there isn't, but it seems a tad provincial to assume the hierarchy is simply animals-man-God. Surely that leaves a huge gap that could be filled by god-knows how many layers of god-like entities (that may or may not each have direct knowledge of the layer "above" them).

Seriously, it's a big and old universe in which we've been around for a comparative eye-blink of time yet we are already on the edge of god-like powers to create artificial life and artificial intelligence. If we manage to survive another thousand or so years we'll probably meet the practical criteria for God-ness as judged from our current perspective (i.e. ability to terraform planets, create life from scratch, vastly extended lifespan, localised omnipresence and omniscience etc. using technologies that are "indistinguishable from magic" as Arthur C. Clarke would say).

Statistically it's arguably likely that our local slice of space-time is already under the immediate influence of an entities or entities that are are functionally and practically God from our perspective but which aren't God in the absolute and ultimate sense. The cool thing about such a local god is that we'll probably get direct evidence of their existence eventually, whereas the "ultimate" God doesn't appear to have any practical utility whatsoever.