I don't know why this isn't being pointed out:

 For the entirety of the first year of the war in Iraq, Hilary supported it absolutely. She claims she only sought to afford Bush the means to deal with Iraq, not to actually do it. She also claimed she had objections to his war when it began. Anyone with access to media at the time, newspapers and footage, can attest to the fact that she was a staunch supporter of the war well after it began, and continued to support it until the polls showed people were getting tired of it. Until recently, she had been pandering to the extreme neoconservative crowd of the Republican sude, probably trying to establish an image of being tough. That she would, out of political ambition, support an event that would lead to the destruction of a nation and the deaths of hundreds of thousands, is something I find absolutely unacceptable. 

Any vote from me in the upcoming elections will not likely be a vote for anyone, as nobody contesting seems to have what it takes to respolve our problems...It will probably be a vote against her.

Unless she ends up fighting Romney who is as go-as-the-polls-go as she is..In which case I'll just stay home.