I've been wondering for quite a while why do young couples seem to rush so much into marriage only to get divorced a few months or years later. It makes no sense to rush into something that seems to be already set to be a great disappointment. I have observed that many persons that have married recently seem to have less patience and don’t even try to fix the problems that they have to deal with in their marriages. A lot of persons seem to find it easier to ask for a divorce than to try to work out the obstacles and problems that surge in their marriage. At the same time I admire the couples whose marriages have lasted over several decades. A common tendency that I’ve been able to observe in these marriages is that both have a lot of patience and have forgiven their partner for many mistakes that they’ve made, even cheating. So the only thing that I can extract from this is that these persons have a higher commitment to marriage than the young couples that swear that they are madly in love and that their marriages will survive anything.