I'm going to tell you right now I love baseball to the core. I'll sit for hours in the summer and watch my Yankees whoop up on the rest of the American league, but something I can't watch are some pointy nosed Congressmen belly aching about steroids in baseball.

One thing I really wanted to point out is that this trainer called Mcnamee, who's the one who claims to have penetrated another mans bum with his needle, has said he has saved some bloody gauze and needles from the injections.


My girl calls me a pack rat but when i cut my knee i throw the band aid away afterwards. If that band aid could have put another man in prison one day and he goes free because of it , so be it. Thats nasty, and all credibility should be taken from him for being gross. I wonder where he kept it, in my head its a cigar box on his mantle with the words "Clemens Ass Blood" neatly embroidered on the front.

I'm going to ask this question to see where everyone else stands on it. Would you rather see Barry Bonds hit 30 homers in a three week span or see Kevin Millwood pitch one more...boring....change up ridden game.