In societies today, it is a nearly assumed belief that people should be good. It is not often that the idea is questioned, but I want you to ask yourself: Why am I good? Why do I feel I should be good? Why do I believe in this?

Before you answer this question consider these things: Goodness today seems to mean having characteristics associated with kindness, compassion, sympathy, empathy, forgiveness, and generosity. It is generally considered that goodness is selfless. However, many people do good and act good so that they benefit from the results of that behavior. Others are good simply because it benefits others. It is my belief that to be good simply to gain from it is self-centered. Also, to be good ONLY for the benefit of others is irrational. I am not asking you to adopt these ideas, but just to consider them.

So with these things in mind, Why are you good? Why should we be good? Why do we believe so strongly in goodness? And if you are not good, why not?