the notes of 'life' the story [i dont like cant find attatchment ,but when i find it i know i will love it

 [sweet awakrenings little ones ]

 Earth = a place that can be seen as being like in a holo-deck , especially when we detatch from our physical containment [our bodilly form as in our dreams(as seen in the star treck series); it is only in our dreams that the full fantasy of a tv fanticy can take any resembeling its ultimate form which in later realities is being 'played' in like virtual reality concepts only inaginable while we in this flesh form

 concieved so differently by many , life is yet is available to all ,in the after life , anything we imagine can be made  to take shape , it is able to be formed from simple words,or rather the vibratory emotion in the words , then able to be sang into its ultimate form ,

a temporal form [of epiritual essence that is able to be sustained as long as it has others appriciating its being

noting that a bad form cannot egsist in a good place ,nor a good thing in a bad place [hell]

but not sure many younger people could relate with star trec?any more [many didnt get it when it was real time ,let alone its archic meaning even then, while trying to present a future vision[and those who did get it were ridiculed into,obscurity ,simply labeled as treckies ,then ridiculed into a historic visual obscure void

it (can be compared to 'second life' but life is even more complex than even a wen based realuity can concieve and the many playing at it the same time with different motives and with diferent strategies are in no way comparable to this living life [the real time we are living , this living now of constant time

of chance and oppertuinity living in lifes realities as onlt living [incarnate living] provides [enables]). to be honest its a pale comparison ,but it [the 2 de life ,isnt a thing that can clarify peoples understandings of the what and why we are here , it isnt like any thing except a pale advance idea of what is to come,

to enable us all to form a basic compliment of loves we would love to be doing for eternity to come , living in the ever now even as now as when now was then, the place of the eternal living life , [mind] being all that we can be is  revealing ever yet more of what the light [living loving light ;life [god]really is ]

 i havnt 'played it [2 de life],and relitivly few have ,the ones who would understand are possably allready living thier version of it on the web ,i admit the concieving it is in the doing of it because you love it seems closer to this incarnate rreality [bound with money/time to be doing it , ecept in the game good and evil coegsist,

in heaven only good can egsist , also in hell only evil , both wefts and weaves of the complete tapestry of god as we the weaves bind with its parrelels and oppisites within its deciectfull love of its evil, as reflected in our own inherant frewill ,our choice betewen good and evil

the after being is more like a place of loves , one loving to serve the good, the other loving to serve thier evils both oppiste sides of the same coin It has strict rules to be follwed but can we say life is the same ,i hazard to say not ,'

life' is so simple a dumb plant can do it, or an animal (but i agree life gives gives enough room for every one , everything to have its own identoty and its own ideas and it also allows us to experiment , and play with concepts according as we chose).

life allows us to each chose [relitivelly freely]our future realities , except we have these evil 'dogooders, seeking to make people love good [little knowing they are really getting ready to go to the place those controllers go [to the -place of controllers, [to them its heaven [to me its hell, but the same can be said about all in the heavens as well as the all in hell ,

, either stuck in the other place would feel condemed to hell, but yet each feels like they are in heaven, because in this life they learned to love somethjing, anything ,we here to get what we love to be doing after we leave here but i have drifted away from your 'story '


 History = different parts of that 'game' but knowing everything is noted as /why . or because it happened [here not there ] there you need to make your own reality [find that you know you wish to do,

if you dont care you come back here till you find something to care [love ] something you love to be doing , till you chose something else ,foever, unless you get disinterested [then you get smaller and smaller till one day you return here [or else where as a crawl in

past life(s) = different roles you had in that 'game' [different steps in the evolution of your spirit, [stages of advancement ] evils we can rewrite by 'doing ' life again, our karma , being high born low born we chose as spirits [to whom much is given much is expected

Reasons for it [life] = 1. entertainment [learning what we love to do] balance our karma havibng a second [new start.

2. trying out new ways of doing things [trying to find our own progression through eternity ] in learning to love to do everything

3. [self] testing, 4 if you understood the 'lessons' , you seek out the next stage , there is all ways a next stage 5(given outside that 'holo-deck') in a 'virtual' way before doing them in 'real' thats what life is

[this is the practice , childhood before we morph into spirit People = most just there to make it more 'real';[people all here to learn to love , to get us to the next step [of spiritual progression one time the victim, then the oppressor [or rather visa versa, the victimes here were mostly the oppressors before as you give so willm it be given, to the last tear

some feel this is all for them;thinking its all about me [there is no me but god] the only me [invert me =we that us gods reflection, the logic from the logos, the knowledge off the knower some ALL are the ones that it was 'made' for (see reasons);

some think they are are 'supervisors / controlers of the 'game' being there directly to intervene if rules are broken ,yet thier next progression is to become controlled when they join the other controllers in heaven [or in hell] depends on what the master controller wants to control you to become

[todo] 2012 = end of the 'virtual' testing phase and When an upgrade of the 'game' enters a higher level , as people awake to the living balance in all life, working to help each spirit evoiolve to its highest inevitable incarnation , realising [again [] its true purpose heaven schooling on earth evil accends to a new --> new 'virtual' testing place as all possibilities have been tried out