For many people out there who suffer from allergies, dermatitise and skin inflamations aswell as asthma and the likes maybe you need to look at alternative cleaning products, and yes, I even mean the really wealthy people. There is no point saying you want to STOP doing something and do nothing about it. Every country needs an ambassador for almost every issue, so I'm starting with this international website to try and get to the BIG THINKERS/BIG MONEY MAKERS/BIG SPENDERS in this world. Will I succeed? Who knows, but if I get one person replying I've started the ball rolling. 

 Start now and really make a difference in your home aswell as everyone's you know. Cleaning products for your home that use only water and fibres are the answer to less polution in our water-ways, less poisons in our home. Lets get this ball rolling!

I love you and thanks for the chocolate!