We are all "human becomings" so the process of believing-in is an "evolutionary" process, when we allow it too be. Some decide to slow their learning and make "finalistic" decisions about their beliefs. I choose not to do this.

In the immediate present, I believe I am alive, my human body is a mass of chemical reactions taking place in ways we continue to learn about and increase our understandings of, I'm perceiving the world surrounding me through my senses, so I'm cautious to think I know exactly what it is I'm perceiving, keeping a sense of wonderment and open-mindness to that which I encounter.

I don't understand this as being "undecided," and that we do a great disservice to ourselves and others when we "decide" something we have no way of having complete and final knowledge of. There's a wide differential between "knowing something" and "deciding" we know all we need to about something.

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