Question Thyself... 

I stand before this earthly realm
and ask the citizens who control the helm...
Who am I?  Am I one who plays it safe?
Who takes advantage and forsakes?
Am I a salesman for profit?
Am I a free man seeking equality?
Am I an aspiring statesman seeking election?
I ask brothers and sisters American.
When I write, do you think I’m indifferent?
Do you feel my cause is irreverent?
I do not mean to be angry and intolerant,
though, I do grow tired
of complacent inhabitants.
At times I find life to be magnificent,
other times it all seems irrelevant.
Often I dwell in my home
as if it were some form of imprisonment.
I can relate my spoken intent
to an attitude with a limited vocabulary,
though, I write to enhance the imaginary.