This is just a quick thought that came upon me.  It goes along with my 7 levels of spiritual awareness as well haha.

We humans are self-aware.  We have our own thoughts and believe in them individually and we try to share them, this website is a perfect example of this.  The thing is is that this self-awareness has gotten so advanced that all we do is argue our point and not accept others.  Sure science can be proven because we all have the same physical vehicle and our universe is the same physical existence. 

So therefore we can prove science indefinately.  Science itself is smarter than that and it goes back to an open ended book policy, like a wikipedia.  Knowing that humans aren't the end all be all entities that we would like to be we aren't perfect and can never know what true perfection is, we can't even draw a perfect circle.

The next step after self-awareness would be a collective-awareness where we can all accept each others beliefs with no question or thought behind and still be logical.  The only way we can do this is through unconditional understanding/love.  To love someone unconditionally is to understand them unconditionally, unfortunately right now in our state of evolution we can't do this unless we all just share a same sense of blind faith from one person on top (kind of like the Pope being infallible).

The Atheists have gone outside of the spiritual realm because they are tired of not being able to agree and have settled on something we can all agree on.  I'm not saying science is bad for humanity, it is just limiting our spiritual growth.

So in summary: We all have our own personal beliefs and believe in them firmly, the ones who are tired of corruption and inaccuracies in religion have taken action to denounce all forms of religion and spirituality and have taken up science, something we can all agree on due to common sense and living in this physical realm.  Quite possibly the only way we can advance spiritually is if we as humans can embrace our own individual form of spirituality and unconditionally understand others spiritual perception as well, so we can somewhat be collectively-aware instead of being just self-aware.

Any thoughts or feedback??

Love and light to all of you.