A few days after Saturday Night Live flailed in its attempt to ridicule Republican obstancy, Derrick Z. Jackson offers a better condemation in the Boston Globe.

"Not even the stimulus bill stimulated the Republican Party into any human feeling," he writes. "It heard not the screams of 4 million people losing their jobs in the last year, not the slamming doors of shuttering factories, nor the shrieks at kitchen tables from Saco to Sacramento as working Americans open their mail to see they've lost 40 percent and more on their 401ks."

Jackson notes the overtures Obama has made to Republicans—Gates and Gregg, etc. "The Republicans responded to Obama's motorcade by throwing nails in front of it.

"By their obstinacy," he continues, "they are extending Obama's honeymoon, such as he can have one in an economic crisis...the Republicans are still running around trying to poison the talk shows, telling Americans how government is terrible at creating jobs. Never mind soldiers, police, teachers, fire fighters, and garbage collectors. No, they run around calling the stimulus garbage, even as maggots keep crawling out of the carcass of the last administration."

Tough words. But is this the time just to stand in the way?