i know, no i think because one cannot "know" anything, that what truly is wrong with the world is our existencial priority. heres a statement. the fact that we dont feel pain does not mean that that same pain is being felt. heres what i think is wrong with the world, ppl care about themselvesand theyre loved ones less than they care about everybody else, i understand that bonds are made between ppl who spend life together, like parents and children, but as much as it hurts to say it, our children are not the only children in the world, they are all dear to someone.this sounds very much overly optimistic, but ifwe were to strip ourselves of our natural self preservation instinct. strip ourselves of any care for our own person. and start acting like we are not we but rather that we are everyone BUT us, we will care for others instead, thus doing our best to protect, help, serve, and hear everyone else, and in that same fashion we will be taken care of by everyone else. i know that this is a dream world and will never be true, but its an ideal world, its only flaw would be the never ending pronouncing of the word thanks, and i personally prefer hearing the word thanks than a gunshot.