NASA is doing an amazing job with the man-power and resources given to them by the government. but it seems that people just don't care as much now-a-days. you never hear anything about space missions on the news anymore. A lot of things are actually happening with technology and even privately funded space trips. one major hotel owner is even planning on making a space hotel in the next couple of years. i only know about this stuff because I watch the science channel a lot and read popular science and popular mechanics. People don't get excited about this kind of stuff anymore and apparently nor does our government. I know the war in iraq is sucking up a lot of the US budge but it's not like it's not possible to give NASA a LITTLE bit more money. after all, NASA's projected budget for 2008 is about 17.3 billion dollars which is a lot you'd think, but the iraq war budget is about 474 billion dollars. See the difference? especially since many of NASA's projects get canceled because of even further budget cutbacks which result in millions of wasted dollars in half completed projects.