Statement by Nohra Corredor "Video-Art Haiku is the combination of the "poetic image" with the "aesthetic experience" using the VIDEO as canvas of its artwork and the cultural/historical construction of HAIKU as an art form to capture the essence of lyric poetry practiced throughout the ages. Video-art haiku consists of three autonomous and simultaneous video screens (looped), each with different durations and responding to adjusted changes in speed related to the technological tools available to the individual on-line viewer. The published combinations and permutations, if not infinite, are so great that the chance of encountering the video haiku in the exact same way more than once is extremely remote. What I call "The Heraclitus Effect" in video-art haiku describes a visual experience from the format I have used for my video-art haikus and posits a mathematical proposition which is derived from these video-artworks." Nohra Corredor (2006)