I was born into the Catholic faith and all my ideas about good and evil are molded on the concepts of the Catholic faith. 

I recently read the old testament and 1 line stood out for me that God said that the minds of man of full of evil thoughts.I am currently in spain and I have found them to be very unfriendly for a supposed Catholic country.I have went to mass and there was only old people there and when I took a spanish friend to mass with me one sunday he took photos of the priest saying mass without any respect for the church. I have found them to be very close to each other but not accepting of others and they will decieve, lie and spread false gossip about others not in there group. If you question them about the religion they will get very aggressive and say they are Catholic because they have large egos and always say they are great and I have yet to see any humility in them. They do but on big street shows and partys on religious days but this is only fanity and ego to me. 

Has religion just turned into a style that you where it around you neck without understanding the meaning?  Can we just pick and choose what we believe to suit our whims and our personalit? Can one believe that God would stay with us if we so disrespect him and what he told us to do? Can good people stand buy and let the human degenerate into base instincts with no respect for others?

I apologies if I offend anyone but this is my opinon which may have become biased through bad experiences and the lack of human kindness towards each other in modern society.