On the weekend I was watching a movie and I started wondering what is harder for an actor or even a regular person: to pretend to be good or evil?

I just truly wonder what is harder for an actor, to pretend to be evil but in a cartoonish way, or evil in a raw real life way. And how might they prepare themselves to be able to act out those scenes; do they watch some specific type of films? Or do something else to be able to get in character? When you pretend to be good supposedly when you are “good” you only have to smile and behave well. But what if you’ve done something really bad; can a person truly hide easier his or her guilt by pretending to be good? Or is it a lot easier to pretend to be bad because you need to seem tough, or you want to communicate a different message to society, a message in which you want them to fear you, and therefore to be able to convince them you have to pretend to be evil. I wonder how persons that are put in a hard situation in which they have to prove that they are “bad” are able to pretend to be evil by committing a felony or something else.