I've noticed a lot of, what seems to be, an attempt to narrow things (at least everything beyond what we perceive) down to nothing, do to lack of proof of anything.  I guess it is in the pudding.  Why pudding?  What about everything?  I'm not talking just about everything you see here or everything that has happened or we see happening in this universe.  I'm not talking about just the physical.  I mean every possibility actually existing.  Maybe life is simply the best, better than all the rest:)  Could life be any more real?  Maybe life is made of love?  I have also noticed a lot of people saying that the idea of an after life is silly because (I guess) they just don't want any more of this 'life stuff' or for what ever reason.  Why not live forever if we are able to?  You are alive now aren't you?  Can the truth disappear?  Even without time space and matter the truth still exists?  Do you desire your awareness to turn into nothingness?  Anyway, this is the way I think when it comes to this stuff.  Do any of you shoot pool or cook or hike or play cards...chess?  This BT is fun but I think getting to know each other and living and understanding love would be sweet.  I don't think you need a college education to find inner peace...I love you.