What if cutting carbon dioxide emissions is not the way to stop the current trend of global warming?  What if all of the efforts we are putting into reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are useless.  As we all know from high school chemistry, the solubility of a gas in a liquid is related to the temperature of the liquid.  For example, CO2 dissolves better in cold soda than warm soda.  This begs the question of whether or not increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are the cause or the indicator or global warming.  Could the increased level or carbon dioxide in our atmosphere be due to the gas' solubility in water?  Could our oceans be holding less carbon dioxide due to their increased temperature from some other cause?  If this is the case, the earth is warming for another reason.  This is the reason that we need to find and address, not necessarily the problem of how much carbon dioxide we are emitting.