If you think about it, and i hope you will, we are nothing more than a series of programs. Our emotions are just responses to the world around us. When we feel fear it's simply our brain telling us to be cautious. Computer programs do the same thing, they just react to what is presented to them. Does that mean they can be considered alive just like us? What does it mean to be alive? To be conscious? If you look at a simpler creature like a jellyfish, it's obvious to tell it's not worried about too much, just staying alive. But we also worry about that, it's just that we've become really good at doing that so we let our brains think about other things. What I'm getting at is does that mean we are more alive than a jellyfish or "lesser" animal? A jellyfish could easily be recreated via a well designed computer program. We could not only because we are still more advanced than any computer we've created so far. But if we are nothing more than a series of systems and thought processes that trigger reactions just like simpler computer programs then then what is life? If you look at it in this light it appears we are never alive in the first place. I hope i did a good job at explaining my question.