In class the other day my professor spoke of a recent documentary he watched on HBO about what is going on in the Congo. My knowledge is limited, but what I know is that villages are being decimated, men being killed, and women and children being sexually assaulted-- the survivors now living with the emotional impacts of having experienced such horrific events (the specific topic of our discussion was how the human mind reacts to such events on a spectrum from "coping" to "fragmentation"--which I would be happy to debate in another post). My professor noted that this violence is tied to some product from that area that is used to make cell phones...I looked at mine sitting on the table in front of me and instantly felt my personal connection to those directly impacted by this violence.

So what are you willing to do?

Ideologically, I strive to be Progressive rather than Liberal-- the distinction being that a Liberal only allows change to arrive at the gate of her/his white picket fence. A Progressive seeks change and allows it to effect her/ his life regardless of the fact that he/ she may have to sacrifice certain comforts or privileges in doing so. 

One of the first steps in becoming Progressive is opening our awareness to the personal and  global impacts of our daily choices: who picks the fruit we eat? who made the shirt you are wearing? how much were these people paid? were they at all? etc. 

When we dare ourselves to cross the threshold of dissociation that allows us to deny the fact that our daily choices impact the world, we open up to the true connection that exists between us all-- both the pain and the healing.

The next challenge lies in allowing this awareness to effect what we do, what we buy, what we support.

And as I say all of this, my cell phone rings. I've got a long way to go. But I won't give up the fight.