Are you a human being or a human doing?  If you are a human doing, what are you when "you" (the physical body) dies?  If "you" die, does that mean that if you are made in the image of "God" that sometime "God" dies, as you have?  If you are a human being, are you your thoughts, or your feelings, or your sensations/perceptions?  And as a human being where are you then?  If you are defined by your doing-ness then you are defined by time & space.  But if you are a being, what limits you?  And where are you?  Are you limited?  And how would you know that?  And if you are a being, is there any out there, out there?  And if you get that there is something else "out there", what does that say about "you"?  That you are crazy, fragmented, schizoid, separated, challenged, easily influenced, etc.?  And where did those concepts, adjatives, beliefs, "realities" come from?  Really?  How do you know that?  Can you then even trust what you know, or trust your mind?  Where & what is your mind?  Is it "yours"?  How many minds are there?  Who is this "I" that has or thinks it has a mind?  If you have something, then could that be you?  If you could know only one thing, what would IT be?  The sound of one hand clapping?  !