I would like to know (from religious people, or people with experience in a particular religion): what are the sensuous aspects of your religion?  How does participation in the ceremony influence the participant?


I am not a religious person but I would like to gain an appreciation for religion.  I am less interested in what religions say is true/false/good/bad, and I would like to have more discussions about other important aspects of religion.  I am particularly interested in the 'physical' aspects of ceremonies, including: touching, tasting, moving, praying, etc.  


As an example, I was struck by the sensuous aspects of Buddhism when I went to a meditation.  The meditation leader emphasized a consciousness of our bodies and our muscles.  It seems to me that this type of awareness--an activity that centers awareness and relaxation on the body--is something that is lacking in the secular, middle-class community where I was raised.  


What experiences have you had with the sensuous aspects of religious ceremonies?