Imagine going blind right now.  How would you prepare your food?  How would you be entertained when there is no one to talk to or anything to listen to?

Well the people who naturally unconditionally love you will take care of you, your parents or siblings will prepare your meals and get you one of those guide dogs.  You can't be skeptical of someone or something that is helping you exist.  So do you think that your brother is gonna poison your food because you wont know the difference?

This doesn't happen when you order food either even when you aren't blind.  You trust the people to fulfill their duty and not be scandalous.  Sometimes you just have to accept something when your gut feeling tells you to, am I wrong?  Or will you starve yourself to death because you can't trust anyone and you are skeptical that the food is good or not?

Now if everyone were capable of this unconditional love towards everyone wouldn't that be a perfect world?  No need to be skeptical, maybe you can question some things but you know everyone has pretty good judgement naturally.  Lack of faith in humanity may lead to skepticism I believe.